Tuesday 15 May 2012

10 easy tips for maintaining a healthy weight

Maintaining a healthy body weight is important for your overall health. It helps prevent many disease conditions that are related to overweight and obesity.

Keeping your body weight within the healthy range is not a difficult task.

Here are 10 easy tips to maintain your body weight within the normal range.

  1. Do enough exercise. Doing adequate amounts of physical activity helps keep your body fit and slim. Walking is a good exercise that everybody can do. Brisk walking is good for your heart too.

  2. Keep sugar and sweets away from you. They are the main cause of excessive weight gain in majority of people, particularly in children.

  3. Eat whole grain products. Wholemeal bread and breakfast cereals are good for your health.

  4. Avoid drinking soda and energy drinks. They mainly contain empty calories without any nutrition.

  5. Limit the amount of time spending in front of television. One main reason people get overweight these days is because of an increase in TV watching.

  6. Always eat your breakfast. Skipping morning meals will encourage you eat junk foods. In addition, it will reduce your metabolic rate.

  7. Limit the intake of alcohol. Alcoholic beverages contain lots of calories. Furthermore, they can increase your apatite and make you eat more.

  8. Having good night sleep is a way of getting a healthy weight. At least 8 hours of good quality sleep is important to avoid obesity.

  9. Eat fewer calories by cutting down fat in your diet. Removing all the visible fat from meat and peeling the skin of chicken before cooking are good ideas.

  10. Set a maximum body weight for yourself. Buy an electronic weighing scale and record your body weight once a week to keep it in a healthy range. Maintain your weight without much fluctuations.